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We have put together a list of commonly asked
questions and answers to help you decide what is the best plan to achieve your health and fitness goals.


How Will Enhance Health And Fitness Transform Your Health, Fitness And Body

  • Get educated. Learn how to eat, move and manage your lifestyle to achieve an all-round improvement in your health and wellbeing.  


  •  I’ll make it simple. The best program is the one you’ll stick with. I’ll teach you what to do and why. You’ll become self-sufficient in no time so your work in the gym, outdoors or home will not be wasted. 


  •  You won't need to survive on chicken and raw broccoli. Forget strict meal plans. Who the hell wants to eat out of Tupperware all day? I'll show you how to balance a healthy lifestyle with the things you enjoy. And yes, that can include beer and wings. But, more importantly, you'll free yourself from the typical dieting "rules" you think are mandatory


  •  You’ll get results faster. If nothing’s been working for you and you want to try something that will actually get you results way faster, you've come to the right place.


  • Drop your pants (size). You won't just lose weight overall, but where it MATTERS (your belly and love handles). This isn't some weight loss competition where lean muscle gets burned off just as much as the bad stuff.


  • Fun!!! Enjoy your workouts and delicious meal ideas



     Who This Is NOT For?

  •  You aren't willing to invest time and effort in a solution... Next.



    Let's Go!

     Enhance health and fitness programs are specifically designed to get you: 

  •  Results faster than you've ever gotten on your own

  •  Allows schedule flexibility 

  •  Empowers you to take control of your health and fitness without living like a hermit or giving up your favorite foods

  •  Gives you access to a top notch coach from anywhere in the world

  • Educate you on how to move and eat to achieve your goals.

  • Safe and effective workouts



  Which leaves only one step for you to take

Frequently Asked Questions


Enhance health and fitness is: 

A: It’s a variety of coaching and training methods depending on your overall goal and current situation. From 1 to 1 session to group training we have the program and support for you— that are yet sustainable—encourage changes in you’re eating and exercise habits with help from an expert coach. That’s me, talking in the third person. 

After 12 years in the fitness industry as a coach, I’ve seen diet and exercise fads come and go that’s why we don’t follow fads. Instead, we’ve carved our own path, testing and continuously updating our methods. 


Enhance health and fitness includes

A structured nutrition program to help keep you consistent.

A guiding hand every rep of the way to give you feedback, make adjustments to your program, and keep the progress coming. 

Personalized training programs, customized to your skill level, goals, and time available. 

Guaranteed results.. 


Q: How often do you accept new clients? 

A: We only open our doors and accept new clients a few times per year for our training services– while general nutrition and training coaching is available in a limited capacity


Q: Who is Enhance health and fitness suitable for? 

A: For men and women who want to get in the best shape of their lives—for the rest of their lives. It’s also for people with busy schedules who want personal accountability, a structured nutrition program to follow, and a coach to help keep them consistent and on-track. 

The main focus of the programs is to strategically help you improve your eating and exercise habits—all within the context of your day-to-day life. We don’t give you a crazy diet or exercise program to follow; instead, we help our clients build the habits they need to get results that last forever


Q: Who is Enhance health and fitness NOT for? 

A: Our Coaching is not for professional bodybuilders.


Q: Will Enhance health and fitness work for me? 

A: If you follow our recommendations and stick with us then yes, you will get results. But you have to commit to making small strategic changes in your life. That’s something no one ever likes to admit about getting in better shape: it takes hard work, time, and determination.

Changing your body isn’t easy, but it is possible. 

Want to lose weight? Eat better? Feel less stressed? Get more sleep? 

Once you make the commitment to get in better shape, we’ll be with you every step of the way. When life pushes you around and difficulties come up, we’ll help you push back.


Q: Why coaching? Can’t I just pick up a diet book? Or read some online articles for free? 

A: If you take an honest look at your life—and at the lives of the people you most respect and admire—you’ll notice something interesting. 

As human beings, we’re rarely ever transformed by reading more books or articles. Or from watching a documentary. Or from taking a class. 

Instead, most transformative change happens through a real relationship with another human being—usually a coach or a mentor. 

Sure, you can try another diet book or read a few more articles, especially if you love thinking about exercise and nutrition. If you get great results with those tools, we applaud you. 


Q: I’m a beginner with a lot of weight to lose. Will this work for me? 

A: Yes. We’ve worked with lots of people who are new to exercise and healthy eating. 

Remember, we were all beginners at some point. 

What you’ll notice is that our clients come in all shapes and sizes, are all ages, and come from all different backgrounds. 



Q: I’m NOT a beginner. Will enhance health and fitness work for me? 

A: Lots of our clients have 5+ years of experience 


Q. Do you require progress photos? Do I have to submit those? 

A: Well, technically, we don’t require progress photos, but visually documenting your journey is an important measuring tool. 

(It’s also important for me as your coach to see what’s happening). 


Q. How much will this cost me? 

We offer a few different packages depending on what your needs are. Some people are looking for a bit of guidance and others either desire or need much more direction, support, and accountability from me. Please visit the service page of the product.


 Q. Will I have to spend a lot of money on food and supplements? 

A: When it comes to food, most clients actually end up saving money on their grocery bills. 

This is because they make more informed, careful decisions, eat out less, and spend fewer dollars on processed novelty foods, replacing them with whole, delicious natural foods. 



Q: Will I need to join a gym? 

A: You don’t have to join a gym to be successful All the exercise programs can be performed at a gym or at home. Some of our services may be delivered in a gym near you.

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