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A personal coach who listens to your needs and guides you towards your goals

A customized plan that works for your body and adjusts with your schedule.

 Peace of mind that you're doing the right things to get the best results.

Fit Woman

 Programmes to help you BURN fat, BUILD muscle & BOOST fitness


Gym based workouts

Bodyweight workouts


A progressive plan to teach you the training styles that maximise your results

Accessible and challenging for all fitness levels

Track your calories and macros to ensure your diet supports your training

Tutorial video's to show you correct form and technique

Workouts to fit a busy lifestyle giving you flexibility but still accountability

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With us


With access to

Slim beginnings health lifestyle membership

Healthy Salad

A Bodyweight and Gym plan to ensure you stay on track at home and in the gym

A combination of resistance training and cardiovascular exercises to build total body fitness

Record the reps and weight lifted to track your progress in each session

No more asking ‘what exercise should I do now?’ - less time thinking and more time doing to make

sessions more efficient and effective


Track the calories you consume to support your training programme and help you achieve your fat loss / muscle building goals

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Here’s Everything I’ll Do For You:

Custom Workouts

I build you a customized workout that is designed to reach YOUR goals.

Nutrition Guidance

I will guide you on how to eat to achieve your goals

Fitness Tracking

My custom app allows us to communicate and track fitness goals

Nutrition Tracking

I track your nutrition to avoid plateau's and pitfalls.

In-App Exercise Video's

I send you customized how to videos for each exercise

In-App Communication

I can communicate with each other within the app to help you stay on track

Sport Specific Workouts

Training for a marathon, cycling or footballl? I can help!

Common questions:


Do I need a gym membership for my personalized workouts?

No. You can get fit in the comfort of your own home but sessions are also delivered for gym goers.



Do I need equipment for my custom workouts?

No. Your workouts will be designed around the equipment that you have: dumbbells, bands, exercise balls, etc., or just body weight



Can I speak with someone if I need help?

Of course. I'm here to help you. Email, text, call or reach out on social media.
I respond to all communications daily, usually within a few hours


-View programs with videos and descriptions of every exercise.

-Record exercise results in seconds. .

-Film  exercise technique, then view it alongside correct demo videos. These videos instantly upload in to account so that we can give you expert guidance.

-Record and track nutrition habits, goals, lifestyle habits, body stats, activity levels and more.

-Take and save progress photos instantly.

-View their coaching videos, recipes, coaching documents etc.

- Fill in a food diary or adherence chart.




Want to keep training during the Coronavirus outbreak? Why not try one of our Zoom Live Personal Training sessions with one of our experienced personal trainers? Our trainers deliver 50min sessions with a full warm up, workout, cool down all tailored to your goals and abilities with technique tips and corrections throughout. Just fill in the contact form and a trainer will be in contact right away to book you in.


*why not combine our online training programs with additional virtual sessions if required

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