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Personal Training

If you’re looking for extra motivation or just need that push in the right direction, then our personal training is for you.  Our trainers will design every session specifically based on your levels and your desired goals. Whether it may be to lose weight, lower your body fat, an exercise referral from your GP or even train for an upcoming event such as marathons, tough mudder or total warrior. Enhance health and fitness can help you achieve it.


EHAF Academy

Fat loss and healthy lifestyle educational plan

EHAF Academy will transform your body and the way you feel and look. This is not a short term, starving yourself diet, this is about educating you on how to get the most from your eating and exercise whilst improving your energy levels and improving overall health and wellbeing


Online Training

Access to a personal coach who listens to your needs and helps solve your problems,

 Customized plan that works for your body and adjusts with your schedule. And peace of mind that you're doing the right things to get the best results.

GP Exercise Referral

If you have a medical condition where an increase in exercise would benefit your health or you need help to get healthier and more active then you may be eligible for our Exercise Referral Scheme

Our supportive and experienced team will help you by developing a programme that is personal to you to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Our Exercise Referral Team are qualified Exercise Referral and Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructors, and depending on the reason for your referral, we will match you up with the best qualified staff

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Just Pure Fitness

The Just Pure Fitness training plan is the acumination of over a decade of working as a personal trainer specialising in taking your body and fitness to the next level. The Just Pure Fitness plan has been tried and tested on many Enhance members from all walks of life that are looking to get themselves to the next level and transform their bodies

Fitness Class

Group Fitness

We understand that not everybody loves to train alone in the gym or home. If you need and enjoy the push or excitement of a studio instructor blasting away combinations or exercise drills, then group exercise classes are just perfect for you.

We deliver a variety of exercise classes for all fitness levels. Whether you enjoy your high energy music and combination classes, high intensity classes or gentle relaxing yoga classes, we have the perfect class for you

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Sport and Exercise Nutrition

This programme provides an opportunity to gain understanding of the nutritional and metabolic demands of exercise, of the interactions between diet, exercise and health, and of how nutrition influences sports performance. 

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CrossFit Exercises

Boot Camp

Enhance Health & Fitness boot camps are designed to change the way you live your life. You’re going to be put through demanding and intense workout classes that will test your will-power and determination! Every class is different, but the focus is always to make you smile, sweat and bring your muscles to fatigue!

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