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Is technology affecting your health?

You my have heard the saying ‘health is wealth’ and its completely true. If you don’t have your health then everything else is irrelevant. Obesity levels have been steadily increasing over the past twenty five years and unfortunately do not seem to be slowing down. And its not just obesity itself that can have a major impact on your health, it also leads to other health impacting conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

You will automatically fix a broken mobile phone or take your car to the garage when there’s a problem, yet at least 95% of adults don’t make the time to do 30 minutes of physical activity each day. So why has the importance of someone’s health been pushed to the back burner.

As the world moves forward with technological advances, this increases the ‘sit down culture’ of everyday life. Whether it be sitting at a desk at work, communicating on skype with friends and family or kids spending hour upon hour on gaming consoles. We need to move around more, take a walk at lunchtime, turn off the computer or try to get children interested in after-school activities such as sports, clubs or other physical activities. Finding activities that are interesting to you is essential as your more likely to stick at something you enjoy.

Another problem technology can cause is the lack of sleep in both adults and children. I have been there myself, put a new boxset on and before you realise, your addicted, staying up past your bedtime watching episode after episode. Try to set a strict bedtime for your children, this can also be beneficial to you, if you ty to sleep at the same time each night you help your body develop a rhythm, and turn off TV or consoles at least an hour before sleeping to let the brain settle and relax, all leading to a more sound full sleep.

Obviously technology is a major part of life these days and I’m not saying we should cut it out completely, but just making small changes and remembering how we used to cope pretty well before the advances, can help to improve your health and lead to a better lifestyle.

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